Thank you for your / your childs interest in classes with Dorset Taekwondo Association (DTA)

To join there are a few things to do. (In order of importance)

1. Get an annual membership of British Taekwondo (details below) this needs to be done asap – new students are insured on the club insurance for the first 2 classes; but after this you must get your own before your third class.
Details on how to apply for your membership can be found here.

2. Choose a class payment plandetails here. Generally, to progress in Taekwondo, one class a week is not sufficient. Please let us know what plan works best and we can send you a link (via GoCardless) to set up the regular monthly payment / bank transfer. Payment is monthly on the first day on the month and is paid in advance for the month ahead. The bank transfer takes approximately 5 working days to set up. It is important to stress there is NO CONTRACT and you can amend or stop the payment whenever you choose.
Please contact us once you have decided which plan is best for you and we can help you set up the regular payment.

3. There is no rush to get uniform. Uniforms should be purchased through the club. They are high quality uniforms at cost price for members. Let us know the new members height in cms and we can get one ordered. Uniforms, including a club badge are £25 – £30 depending upon size.

4. Keep an eye on our Website and Facebook page which are regularly updated. Sign up to our newsletter below – newsletters are emailed out approximately every 6 weeks.

It is often difficult for the instructors / coaches to chat between classes. It is always best to email us if you have any questions or concerns. We love to hear from you.