British TKD


How to JOIN British Taekwondo

Annual membership of British Taekwondo is a requirement for all members of Dorset Taekwondo. New members must apply by their third lesson to provide them with adequate insurance.

New Membership applications are now processed online via “The Hub”. They cannot be applied for via your club instructor or sent in the post. The system relies on you (or a parent) having an active email address.

The process is fairly simple.

  1. You complete the application online at “The hub”
  2. You pay your club the fee by bank transfer reference “name Mbship” £30 for Regular Members; £12 for Kickstars
  3. Your club instructor can login to a club portal and check / agree your application. Your instructor will then send payment to British Taekwondo
  4. You will receive email notification of your membership status which will contain a pdf of your membership certificate. Keep this safe as it is spot checked, and is required at all events, seminars, and gradings

The British Taekwondo Membership Platform is found here

Further step-by-step instructions showing screenshots of the process through “The Hub” can be found on the link below.

Here is a video tutorial guiding you through the application process on The Hub.


All members are required to get a Annual Membership fromBritish Taekwondo which currently cost £30 per year.

Kickstars (Under 8s) membership is only £12 per year.

Annual membership is required immediately after your two trial lessons.