2021 has just started and we already have exciting news! Join me to celebrate the amazing achievement of Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine!

Despite the global pandemic creating challenges to training, Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine armed with the Taekwondo spirit, dedication and commitment trained hard for the British Taekwondo National Poomsae Squad selection events. They both ended 2020 by successfully showing their technical abilities during a tough phase 1 selection process, and got shortlisted to Phase 2 selections. They spent hours of further training during the festive season (whilst the rest of us were eating mince pies…) and last week, at the beginning of 2021, they were further assessed together with 134 other athletes who had made it to the Phase 2 selection process. This was even a tougher process as many candidates were already competing Internationally for the GB Team.

Massive congratulations to both Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine who were successful at the Phase 2 selection process and have been selected for the GB Poomsae Team 2021. Fantastic effort, and their hard work has paid off!!

Their journey has just started, they will have hours of training ahead with the National Team coaches! This is SO amazing for them, but also for our club, as they will be able to cascade their learning to the whole of our club and help shape the future of our students.

Thank you Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine for your effort and we look forward to all the poomsae training you can provide to the Club!

For a further details and a list of the squad see the full news article on the British Taekwondo Website Here