During the weekend 12th & 13th November 2022 Dorset Taekwondo had 20 competitors who competed in the Poomsae Nationals in Worcester.

Everyone performed extremely well, and all the coaches couldn’t commend everyone enough. As a team we scored an incredible 11 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. This is a remarkable feat especially considering we only had 20 competitors. Competing helps us with learning to deal with emotions, the mistakes that are made are there to help us improve for the future and to show our indomitable spirit, courage, and determination.

Leah and Zak scored 5 gold medals in-between themselves. Leah won her team, individual and pair (with Zak), and Zak won his individual and pair (with Leah). This is fantastic as it’s one of the toughest categories in the Kup grades. Brilliant job Champions!

A few special mentions. Firstly, well done to Callum and Sam who competed for the very first time and battled nerves and showed true spirit. Secondly, another strong performance from Emily who managed to get into the final and came 6th in a massive category of 21. Thirdly, Savannah performed brilliantly and just missed out on the final, but still a great performance. Lastly, Lucia and Karla performed fantastic considering this is their first competition where they had compulsory poomsae and first time competing in a higher category. Nicole and Amelia performed strong and keeps in improving in every competition. A massive well done to all. All the Coaches are very impressed with everyone’s hard work and dedication.

The full list of results are as follows:

• Leah – Gold (Individual)
• Zak – Gold (Individual)
• Leah & Zak – Gold (Pair)
• Leah – Gold (Team)
• Marina – Gold (Individual)
• Lydia – Gold (Individual)
• Dexter – Gold (Individual)
• Khemissa Gold (Pair)
• Karla – Gold (Team)
• Noah – Gold (Team)
• Master Naraine and Jemma – Gold (Family Pair)
• Inara – Silver (Individual)
• Khemissa – Silver (Individual)
• Tom – Silver (Team)
• Master Naraine – Bronze (Individual)
• Harry – Bronze (Individual)
• Noah – Bronze (Individual)
• Savannah – Semi-Final (Individual)
• Emily – Final (Individual)
• Callum – Final (Individual)
• Lucia – Preliminary (Individual)
• Sam – Final (Individual)
• Karla – Final (Individual)
• Nicole – (Preliminary)
• Amelia – (Preliminary)
• Jemma & Tom – Final (Pair)

The team trophy standings for the Dan category was 11th out of 34 teams which is a great accomplishment considering we only had 7 competitors entered in the Dan category.

The team trophy for Kup category we placed a mighty 7th out of 34 teams which is an amazing achievement when considering how big some of the clubs are that placed higher.

Well done all!

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