This years Awards and party were at the Littledown Centre in the bar. This is around 20 years we have been having the party here. This year there was around 120 party goers including DTA club members current and from the past.
The annual awards, which were decided upon by the coaches, were presented as follows:

“Rising Star 2023”  x7
1. Rory Rodman
2. Linden Bongalos
3. Ralph Fabian
4. Amber Isaacs
5. Callum Robson
6. Harry Saddington
7. Sam Cribb

“Tenet of Taekwondo Award 2023” 
Nicole Kingston-Davies

“Student of the Year 2023” 
Lucia Jaeger-Collins

“Fighter of the Year 2023”
Myles Kearsley

Well done all – we look forward to seeing you improve in 2024.

A few photos are below